You are about to sign up for a FREE SendOutCards™ Account to allow you to try the system. With this FREE account, you can send up to 2 cards to your friends, associates, or even yourself.

There are 4 blocks on the Registration Form that sometimes cause confusion so look at the picture below and I'll explain the confusing area. I suggest that you print this page as a reference. Click to Print This Page

4 Simple Steps and you can try the SendOutCards™ system

  1. Click Here to go to the SendOutCards website.
  2. Click the Red Banner where it says "Thanks for your interest in the SendOutCards™ system!"
  3. You will see the FREE SendOutCards™ Gift Account Registration Form similar to the one below. Follow the instructions below the form (on this page) to fill out the Registration Form.
  4. Submit the Form, explore the website and create a card or two! You'll be amazed at how simple and cost effective this system is.

Please Note: Your Free Account is only active for two weeks.


Referencing the form above, there are two places that ask for your Username (A & C). There are also two places that ask for your Password (B & D).

In the First Username location (A) put in this Username: cockatoo

In the First Password location (B) put in this Password (all lower case letters): samantha

Fill in the form with your information.

Where it asks for Username (C), this is where you choose YOUR Username for your Free Account. Don't use the one that was used in Username (A).

Where it asks for Password (D), this is where you choose YOUR Password for your Free Account. Don't use the one that was used in Password (B). As always, pick a password that you'll remember. It is case-sensitive. To make sure you typed it correctly, you must enter it a second time on the line below where it says Verify Password.

Once you finish filling in the form, click the Submit button and you can then use YOUR Username and Password to use your Free Account.

You'll receive an email after you register with your Username and Password. Use YOUR Username and Password when you logon again. After 14 days, if you haven't upgraded your account to a paid account, you'll need to call me for instructions.

If you run into any problems or have questions, please call me. I'd love to tell you about my personal experiences using this system.

Robert Shields


For those of you that don't know me, I'm the Webmaster, Newsletter Editor, Jigsaw Puzzle Creator, the Relief Projectionist for the Wilton Town Hall Theatre and the Chief Projectionist at the Milford Drive-In Theater.

I also own two businesses:

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